Korebalance gives workout for body & mind

sportkat_korebalanceAs everyone knows by now, exercise is not limited to just that of the body as you have this thing called the mind to take care of. Ladies who want to look gorgeous as well as feel and think even better can check out the latest exercise machine from Sportkat, called the Korebalance. This unique piece of fitness equipment comes with a 17" touchscreen display and runs on the Linux operating system which is more than capable of running 3D games while you exercise in order to give you a well balanced workout that concentrates on both brain and brawn.

According to the CEO of Sportkat, the Korebalance aim to improve muscle and mental agility by leaps and bounds to new heights, governed by a special patented pneumatic pressure system which features a 360º range of motion and a 12º tilt range. Sportkat also throws in its guarantee that the Korebalance can be adjusted accordingly to suit any user's weight, height, and athletic ability.

Source: Gizmag

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