iTeDDy media player for kids

iteddyThe iTeDDy isn't meant to just keep your little one company during those cold, lonely nights - it even comes with a detachable media player located in its tummy, making this a very useful portable entertainment toy. iTeDDy is adept at playing back video, music, and even some games thanks to its USB connectivity. Audio is catered for by the pair of integrated speakers, while a 512MB internal memory can be further expanded upon thanks to the SD memory card slot.

The iTeDDy isn't currently available for sale, but you will be able to pick one up for £59.99 when it is released in due time, presumably before the mad holiday season at the end of this year. I don't know about you, but somehow the mix of uppercase and lowercase characters in a name at random intervals kind of ticks me off, and the iTeDDy is no exception no matter how cute it might look like.

Product Page via Red Ferret

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