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To Space and Beyond with the Cloud

The Origins of the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure would start in 2003 with Amazon as it worked on the cloud as a solution to simplifying infrastructure. The firm wanted to spend less time and money on creating a technological foundation for every project. They work on it piece by piece and use it internally before offering it as a service around 2004 for outside customers.

We do not know if the company knew how many opportunities it would bring to it over the course of the next few decades. But boy would it bring significant revenues to the Seattle based corporation. While Amazon was one of the sector pioneers, other entities like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have deployed cloud solutions in various ways for their ecosystems.

Thankfully, cloud technology has paved the way for a host of companies like Virtix IT and others to get involved and help other businesses get up to speed on the cloud. Remember that productive enterprise consulting and integration firms can augment business with many solutions by using a variety of solutions. These companies help make technology as straightforward as possible for companies to adapt and move forward.

The cloud is a boon for investors, technology companies, and innovative individuals who seek to add value to society through cloud solutions.

The Cloud is just getting started

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Cloud services continue to grow and should see further use in the future.

This fact is bolstered by companies such as Amazon who continue to invest in divisions such as AWS and innovate further with the cloud. For instance, Amazon Web Services will push the sector forward with more integration with the space industry.

You might wonder what the cloud has to do with the space industry. First, many companies in the space sector utilize Amazon Web Services for its cloud infrastructure. It has recently deployed services such as AWS Ground Station (GS), to other services on their cloud platform that are quite appealing.

Remember that cloud services such as Ground Station are compelling because it interconnects the cloud to imperative industries such as space. Here's an example of how Amazon's Ground Station works from my understanding.

Let's say that you are Maxar Technologies or another satellite technology company. You could use this service to connect your satellite dishes to its cloud service and communicate with the satellite while capturing massive data in a streamlined fashion.

Fascinating, right?

That is just one tremendous example of how the cloud is growing and becoming instrumental to the world today. The cloud provides a variety of opportunities for consultants, employees, and other parties to become experts and earn handsomely on an annual or project basis while improving their cloud skill set.

Becoming a cloud expert is difficult

The truth is that becoming a cloud expert is not easy. It will take a significant portion of time and require considerable effort. People who seek to enter into the sector must be interested in learning each day, spending time in the respective cloud consoles, and working hard. But the rewards are great as cloud professionals can earn upwards of $80,000 and above.