How is Sports Betting Changing

Most of us at one time in our lives have experienced the excitement of winning at Sports betting. At the same time most of us have also experienced the stomach-shrinking feeling of losing too. For some people it is not about the money or even the act of watching the sport. It’s about the rush from having money put on a game where the outcome is unknown.

The Smart Better

Many bettors like to go on instinct and feeling when it comes to sports but there is so much more to take into account when it comes to this. Bookmakers do not go by feeling or intuition when creating the odds and that's usually why they win in the long run. Many website are offering calculated picks to their customers in order to make the best return on investment. mightytips.com
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Using AI to Find That Edge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally made its way into sports betting. It has taken a while but there are a few companies out there that have figured out a way to gain the edge on the house. A few years back they even used it to successfully beat some of the best poker players in the world over a fifty hour period. The AI aims to exploit advances in artificial intelligence to analyze football, basketball and tennis matches using different algorithms to place bets before and during games. This strategy has even started to attract hedge fund managers.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports Betting is basically when you place a wager on a sport to have a certain outcome before it takes place. It has been around for decades but in the past ten years the platforms for betting have moved from a sketchy mob member to going into an actual casino or using an online platform. A company that provides sports betting services can be called a bookmaker or a betting agency. They are a service that provides a marketplace in which odds are set.  A customer who places bets can be called a punter or a better.

In the end your win rate will never be 100% no matter which service or technique you decide on using but there are different systems that can give you a better win rate. One thing to keep in mind as well is that many different bookmakers give you bonuses when you sign up online. There are a few sites that can point you in the right direction so pay attention.