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Payment options for slots deposits explained

Knowing how you are going to pay for your online slots game at before you start is a good idea. It will mean you can really make the most of the time you have to play (because you won’t be searching for a payment card, or deciding which method is going to work best for you), and although it might only be a few minutes of indecision or searching, if you only have a few minutes to play it can really cause a problem. Plus, when you know how to pay, you’ll have a better handle on your budget, which should always be set in advance. Here are some of the options that might be open to you.

Credit Cards

As of 14th April 2020, credit cards can no longer be used as a form of payment at online casinos. Before that date, they were a popular way to play since they would not impact anyone’s finances immediately, and the balance could be paid off bit by bit over time. This sounds ideal, and it’s no wonder than many people enjoyed playing in this way.

The problem was, however, that people were maxing out their cards and then borrowing more and more until no one would lend. And of course, even the minimum payments, when added up across lots of different cards, would eventually become too much. So this payment method was stopped and that meant that a lot of people could no longer play.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are still widely accepted at online casinos as a means of paying for your slot gaming time, and these are a good option. You use them in the same way as a credit card by inputting the long number and expiry date and so on (your PIN, though, must always be kept secret and any site that asks for it is not legitimate), and these details might even be saved on your computer to make life that little bit simpler.

The benefits to using a debit card are that you can easily see just what you are spending, and you can set yourself a budget because you know what you need for other expenses in your daily life. Of course, these are self-imposed limits so the negatives of using a debit card are that not only can you spend too much, but this will leave you in financial issues immediately. You do need to take care.

Pre-Paid Cards

Something that lies in the middle of the debit card and the credit card is the pre-paid card. They are accepted online as a debit card, but they have been pre-loaded with a specific amount of money and when that is spent the card can no longer be used. This can be a wonderful way to keep to your slots budget.

It’s true that you can add more to the card, and they are not necessarily single use so some willpower may be required, but if you are worried about accidentally overspending, they could be a good option for you.