Skullcandy and Metallica team up

Both Skullcandy and Metallica have come to an understanding, using each other's strengths to develop a couple of headphones that will definitely go down well with Metallica fans. These two headphones were specially conceived to commemorate the release of Metallica's ninth studio album - Death Magnetic. They won't just feature different designs but specifications and pricing as well, with the Hesh going for $69.95 while the Lowrider is a good $20 cheaper. Each purchase will come with "free" downloads of the Death Magnetic album, so you decide whether it is worth every penny or not. The Hesh as pictured above will come with a fatter (and obviously more comfortable) headband with 50mm drivers, whereas the cheaper Lowrider features 40mm drivers and a fold-up headband for portability.

Source: Engadget

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