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Now Is Your Time to Get Mentally and Physically Fit

Many of us have been under the dreaded lock-down orders for at least two to three months. This has surely made many of us feel restless. Some even might feel reckless due to the extreme constraints imposed by different governments. Thankfully, situations seem to ease up and we’re able to travel albeit in a limited capacity.

But if we have been stagnant and sitting around for the most part during these quarantine times, are surely being our best selves? I think not. I know this is true for myself as I have let myself slip a little bit as I saw my anxiety increase amid the pandemic. But I know that I have to get back to a certain level of fitness to stay strong, increase my energy and become a better person overall.

I wondered what I should do to get back to the right level? How shall I stick to a schedule that is simple and effective. See, I’m not one to go cold turkey on anything or immediately want to pursue something wholeheartedly, I’m of the sort to start simple and then keep advancing as needed. I don’t have hours to dedicate to personal fitness but I do have the will to start slow and continue compound gains over time.

I did some research and here’s what I came up with that I think could be helpful for you too.

Cut Out The Negative

The first step to reforming is to make sure to ease out of the negative habits that will destroy you over time. What does that mean? Well, for me it was giving up smoking. I loved it and it helped me get over problems that I had in the past with social anxiety, and making new friends. At the same time, it was something that I might associate with great times but may also let me feel a little reckless. I’ve switched over from my traditional smoking to wean away from it by acquiring a vape starter kit from an online vape store a month or two ago. Second, I’ve realized that hanging out with the wrong crowd doesn’t help me meet my goals. Negative creep is present with people who you deem friends that state remarks that irk you slightly but you can brush off. The issue is that these remarks might stick with you and it can hold you back.

Then I’m moving to becoming physically fit.

Simple Physical Fitness

Yes, I confess that I have gained a bit of weight over the last three months and I need to do something about it. The first step I’m taking in this regard is improving my diet by substituting a meal and using high protein drinks for weight loss in my regular daily regimen. Then I’m following a simple calisthenic six month workout plan. This plan lets me stay fit no matter what. I can be at the house, traveling, or even in some public places and can practice the workout routine.

My routine involves push ups, jump ropes, squats, knee raises, chair dips, and a little bit of running every day. I’m easing into this routine so that means I’ll only do a set of each per day and make sure to get cardio in regularly.