i-gotU GPS tracking device

Normally, the first couple of years of marriage is nothing but pure bliss, but those who do not put in the effort to maintain that high will often find the marriage turning into a nightmare. It starts off with caustic remarks, and often followed by late nights at the pub and more often than not, bitter tears of confrontation in the face of denial even when solid proof like lipstick on a collar is presented. Why not go about your snooping discreetly with the i-gotU GPS tracking device? It is small enough to be stowed away in a vehicle or briefcase, and will rely on Google Maps and Google Earth to keep track of where your subject is. i-gotU is smart enough to route travel destination, the exact date and even how long the vehicle or person was parked or stationed for a period of time. This waterproof device comes with a 20 hour battery life and will retail for $49.95 - much cheaper than hiring a sleuth by the hour.

Product Page via ChipChick

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