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Casino Design Secrets

You may think that a casino is laid out in a random way but actually a huge amount of work goes into planning the layout of a casino on site and online like behind the scenes. They might look fairly random with different games in different places, but this is all part of the master plan to suck players in and to keep them inside a casino for as long a period of time as possible.

Original Casino Design

The older casino, some of which still remain today in places such as Las Vegas, will still give you a taste as to what original casinos were like when they were purpose-built.  They had no clocks or windows so as to remove the element of time completely from their punters.  The arcade machines were not laid out in rows but were scattered, seemingly randomly, all over the place, but there was a method behind this madness.  This meant that it took a player longer to get in and out of the casino as well as longer to find the game he was looking for.  In between times, it was hoped that a player might just stumble across a new game or something he might find interesting along the way so that he would spend a bit more money.  This maze-like structure of arcade machines hid the exits of the casinos, leaving only more games or gambling tables in the sight of a player to encourage more play. 

The Playground Effect

50 years later when 2010 struck, there was a revolution in the casino layout world and this impacted even the world’s largest and most well-known casinos like the Bellagio.  Many underwent a massive overhaul to raise the ceilings, let in more natural light and make them more welcoming to players.  The confusing and oppressive layout was then made wider, clearer and easier to navigate with much more structure and obvious ways to get to the games a player intended to play on.  The pathways were wider and the entrances filled with statues, sculptures, art, fountains and music to excite and entice.  The casinos became a much nicer and happier place to spend time and money, even though most players were aware that there was great potential for them to lose money.  With this change of feeling came a change of name and the casino layout was coined as the Playground Effect. 

Slot Machines

The most popular games in any casino are the slot machines.  They are now placed in strategic clusters all around the casinos in easy to find groups, though the groups are usually small so that approaching them is not threatening to the player.  Since the removal of the slot machine row layout, the slot machines have seen an impressive rise of their popularity and since the 70s have seen an increase of over 30% use and now generate between 70 and 75% of any casinos revenue.  Despite them being much smaller in their denomination than table games, you can clearly see from these figures just how popular they must be to create this sort of revenue and these figures have remained like this for the best part of a decade.