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Driving and Drinking – How to Be Sure You Are Okay to Drive

We all know that drinking and driving is a dangerous thing and that lives are regularly lost to people who shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.  But sometimes you can have a single drink and be unsure if this would make you legal and safe to drive.  There is now a simple way to know exactly what your alcohol levels are and to make that decision – a range of breathalyzer and breath analysis products from Alcomate.


Drinking and the law

The amount of alcohol in the blood is called the Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC.  This depends on how much you drink but also factors such as your weight, size, gender, if you have eaten and even how tired you are.  Commonly, the BAC is taken by either a blood sample or by a breathalyzer and the results are measured by the number of grams per 100ml of blood.  In the US, if you are over 21 then the legal limit to drive is .08 – this means you need to have less than .08 grams of alcohol for every 100ml of blood.

What this means is that a single glass of wine can have a different effect on different people.  The same glass of wine taken with a meal can have less of an effect on your body than when drank on an empty stomach.  And the effect that the wine has on your concentration levels can be impacted by other factors, such as tiredness.

How to know if you are safe

One of the biggest things that people say when they are caught over the limit is that they felt ‘fine’ and thought they were okay to drive.  And while this might be the case, the very alcohol that puts us over the limit can give us a buzz that muddles our perceptions of how we feel.  So, while we might feel fine, we might not be safe to drive.

That’s where a product such as the ones from Alcomate come in.  These devices are the only ones used by both the US Navy and the US Marine Corps as well as being approved by law enforcement agencies around the country.

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Why Alcomate products work so well

You can get apps for your smartphone that tell you what your BAC is but one of the biggest problems with these is that they use standard information without regular calibration.  The Alcomate products, on the other hand, use PRISM technology that means rather than sending away the device to be re-calibrated, a sensor module is simply swapped over to ensure there is no downtime.

This clever technology means that the device remains calibrated and accurate months and even years after it is purchased with the simple changing of the sensor.  This means that you can completely rely on the results produced by the devices and is one of the reasons that they are law-enforcement and military approved.

Being certain

Whether you want a basic model for personal use or a larger model for workforce checks, the Alcomate range offer the product to suit your needs and ensure everyone can be certain they are safe and legal to drive after a drink.