Lacie FireWire Speakers

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The power house of external drives, LaCie (pronounced Lacy), has turned over a new leaf into speaker market. They have developed the first FireWire speakers. The use of the FireWire functions under the power of your computer, thus eliminates the use of having an AC adapter and internal batteries.  FireWire connection emits a faster and better quality sound over the slow speed of a USB connection. These speakers use FireWire 400 with a 8-watt minimum audio output and eliminates clutter on your desk.

These speakers show a little personality to the retro ways of 1960s and Austin Powers. So I give this product a "Yea baby!".  Neil Poulton was the designer of the sleek black & white design.

Although, if you don't want use these speakers on your computer, you can use them on your iPod. In this case you will have to buy an AC adapter separately to power the speakers.
The speakers are currently on pre order for $99.

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  1. LaCie 13 April, 2007 at 15:13

    Contrary to popular belief, the company name is actually pronouned “lah-see.” LaCie is based in Paris. LaCie means “The Co.,” short for “The Company.”

    Correct all the naysayers! Spread the good word! Love LaCie!

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