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Top 5 Gifts to Surprise your Mom on this Mother’s Day

With upcoming celebrations to celebrate our own experts of every field, the multitasker superwomen of our lives. The main task on hand is to plan a memorable day for her and no plans are completed without gifts for the person who goes out of her way every time to make sure everything is perfectly arranged for you. This time its your turn.  

Only few days are left for the Mother’s Day so if you didn’t purchase anything yet then start your shopping now. Just explore online website to get your shopping easy and early as well. Also, online shopping provides you discounts and offers which will help you to save your money a well. Use Amazon coupon codes to avail discount on Amazon website or an app.

With all these famous e-marketing sites like Amazon giving enormous incredible deals on various products, here are list of 5 awesome gifts you can gift your mom this Mother’s Day.

Smart watches:



For all the workaholics multitasking mothers over there, nothing can be much more help to her if she can save her time which she spends on phone every 15minutes to check if you called. Now save her time as she can use her watch instead of her phone. So, hassle free.  

  • Price ranging from $15 - $399 approx.
  • Touchscreen smart wrist watch, with Bluetooth and sim card slot.
  • Waterproof with Camera, pedometer for sport tracker.
  • For iOS phones, android phones, Samsung Google Smartphones.


Amazon echo (2nd generation), smart speaker with Alexa:


The best and the most annoying thing of all moms, lists of things (which never ends) that needs to be done immediately. So here is digital version of you for dearest mommy’s. Apart from the echo, you can also check out the Amazon electronic coupons and gift your mom some home appliances and kitchen products.

  • New speaker available in attractive designs and styles.
  • Echo connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, set alarms and timers, ask questions, control smart home devices, thermostats. It also lets you play audio books, radio stations, news briefs and much more.
  • Amazon echo Alexa can also check your calendar, weather, traffic, sport scores, manage your shopping and to-do lists, control your TV, order a uber a pizza.   
  • You can call or message hands free, also instantly connects to other echo devices in the house.
  • It has 7 microphones, beamforming technology and noise cancellation with 360 degree omnidirectional audio. Amidst all noises and even music playing Echo hears you from any direction.
  • Price - $84.99. Also, you save $20 when purchased echo dots and echo together.   




So, this may seem weird to some but for those who have an interior decor specialist mom, nothing seems more satisfying than a gift like this. Also, this can never go wrong with the perfect perfectionist idealism of them.

  • Price ranging from - $7 - $40,000.
  • Attractive and unique designs and shapes
  • Available in varied range of colors.
  • Made with glass or ceramic material.  
  • Also, has 3 sets available. 



Kindle Paperweight:

If your mom finds solace in reading, then this seems the best gift to give her this Mother’s Day. I know nothing can replace a hardcopy book but sometimes during travelling one cannot carry many books. So, this is for the bibliophilic one, why keep her away from reading while she is on her way.  This is available at flat 20% off on Amazon, especially for this Mother’s Day.

  • It has 6”,7” display, higher resolution.
  • No screen glee built-in adjustable ligh.
  • Waterproof.
  • Long lasting battery life. Single charge lasts weeks not hours.
  • Wi-fi, has up to 8Gb storage, built-in audible.
  • Price ranging from - $59 - $249.   



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If this option made you think twice about your consideration, think again. No decked-up women are complete without one or two sprays of aromatic fragrance lingering around them. If you know your mother choice gift her an extra bottle of her favorite perfume and if you by any chance don’t know her preference just choose one, for help you can also check on the customers reviews as well. Let your choice follow and compliment her look.

  • Price ranging from – $4 - $10,282 approx.
  • Popular brands – SHUMUKH SPRAY, Zikriyayt, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana etc. with some the most incredible offers.
  • Also available in the set of 2,3 and 9 perfume.

Well these were some ideas for the ones struggling with ideas to gift to your mom. Also, apart from these there are many personalized gifts available on various stores each with cute little messages. Still if in midst of some dilemma go on explore your options. There is time but not much. Go on make this seemingly mission impossible possible.