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The Casino Ruin Theory

There are many different theories used within any casino, but one of the most popular is that of the Casino Ruin Theory which is also known as the Gambler’s Ruin Theory.  Simply put, this concept is the idea of the bankroll of a player in comparison to the advantage needed to succeed to win the game at hand. This also is in contention with the amount of risk that a player needs to take in order for their bet to be useful if they win at Slotzo.

Who Needs to Master the Casino Ruin Theory?

Everyone who enters a casino and wanting to play on the table games should have the basic understanding of what the Casino Ruin Theory is, but it is up to the player how much of an understanding they have.  For some players with a larger bankroll, high rollers, and professionals, they will take a much larger interest in understanding this well-known theory in greater detail because of the bigger impact it can have on their game.  This is done because it is very common for people who have lost a few rounds of their chosen game to increase their bet in the hope that a win with a larger bet will occur and compensate their losses.  But doing so is extremely dangerous in most cases, not only leading to financial ruin but can also lead to gambling addiction too. 

The Positive Upward Slope

Certain games in the casino lend themselves more to the Casino Ruin Theory better than others, and games such as 21, are renowned for this.  It is not the only game in the casino, but any game which is considered to have a positive upward slope can use the Casino Ruin Theory to its advantage.  This means that during a game, there will be many streaks of wins and many streaks of losses, but the number of wins will override in the long run.  This creates what is known at the positive upward trend as although it may not be positive through the game, the overall outcome is a positive result with the player being in the black, so to speak.  What needs to be remembered is that there is risk when you are playing any game in a casino, but there is a different amount of risk when playing different games, when playing for different periods of time, and with different quantities of cash. 

Loss Prevention

An alternative method that many gamblers use is that of the halving system.  To implement this technique, every time a loss occurs, the player halves the amount of money they have placed as a bet in order to reduce the chance of them going bankrupt overall. Not only does this protect them financially but it also increases the time they are able to play their casino game, increases their positive slope potential and decreases the amount of risk they need to take each time they place a bet.  Though the larger bankroll players have less need for this concept, the ability to have self-restraint is good for all players.