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MAGFAST Has Quickly Grown Due to the Expertise of Its Innovative Founder

MAGFAST is quickly making a name for itself because of its unique, cordless charging system. With mobile device use constantly rising, it was only a matter of time before a company came out with a new alternative to traditional charging devices that was free of the typical hassles.

When President and CEO Seymour Segnit founded MAGFAST in 2018, he assembled outstanding product development and marketing teams. They are hard at work getting this outstanding product to a consumer base that first began showing interest in the innovative products back in 2013.

A Hit with the Public

The crowdfunding campaign is a great indicator of just how positive the reaction to the MAGFAST chargers has been. The company was able to raise $300,000 in less than fifteen minutes, and the current total stands at over 1.6 million. It seems clear that MAGFAST’s innovative products are something that today's consumer market desires.

Seymour Segnit's MAGFAST charger family has a total of six different models that all feature his unique magnetic technology that allows for the units to charge mobile devices wirelessly. These six models are designed to cover the most common charging situations.

The MAGFAST chargers are also equipped with convenient USB ports, and they can be connected together to further increase the amount of charging that can be done. One of the most convenient and portable models is the MAGFAST Life. Taking it up another notch is the MAGFAST Extreme, which gives users maximum charging power, and even features jumper cables for your car. The MAGFAST Road is great for anyone who is on the road regularly. There is also the MAGFAST Air, which is perfect for setup at home in the kitchen or at the office. Finally, the MAGFAST Wall is designed to be an ideal solution for the entire family.

MAGFAST CEO and President Seymour Segnit has a background in both engineering and business, two skillsets that have proved instrumental in getting this company off the ground. During his time studying at Oxford University, Segnit gained a great deal of knowledge in engineering, and his career in marketing and radio broadcasting has also played a major role in his work in building this new company. It all began with Seymour's own frustration with keeping all his mobile devices charged. His engineering mindset led him to find a solution, and it’s now paying off big for today's device-using public.