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7 Games That Require Real Opponents To Play

There are many different types of games that can be played and technology had made it so that games are accessible and playable in more ways than ever before. But in the rise of all of the technology, it can be difficult to find out which games are played on their own against the computer and which games are played with people directly. The following games are games that are played exclusively with other people and require other real opponents to be played.

Game 1 – Classic Rummy

A classic card game, the game of Rummy works by players using a deck of cards and distributing them among the players evenly for the cards to be played. Each player has the objective of playing a card that matches the sequence or suit of the cards. When there is a formation that is made that is winning, players typically have to reach for the pile in the center with the first person awarded the cards in the center.

The winner is who drives the other person to run out of cards before the other. The speed reaction needed to play the game makes it a game that requires real opponents to play. Even though there are websites to play rummy online, the game still requires real opponents to play. These games allow players to download rummy game app online and play with other real opponents online.

Game 2 – Geistesblitz 5

Another game the requires physical speed in addition to the traditional strategy and skill of gaming, this game also requires players to be the first to identify the correct pieces and grab them in order to win. This game, also requiring physical skill, is not a game that can be played against the computer.

Game 3 – Cluzzle

Cluzzle, and other puzzle strategy games that bring more than one person together to test their speed and stamina relative to one another is another game that cannot be simulated through a computer due to the physical attributes associated with the game in addition to the strategy and skill needed.

Game 4 – Apples to Apples

A quiz game that depends on the knowledge of other people, this is a game that also requires real people to be played as a computer would certainly be too well programed to play against in this context which makes this another game that cannot be played against a computer or automated opponent.

Game 5 – Trivial Pursuit

This game, which is completely based on the trivia that a person is knowledgeable of and their exposure to detailed information about a variety of subjects is another game that cannot be played against the computer due to the personalized nature of the knowledge needed to play the game. The game would not make sense to play against a computer which is presumably programed with the correct answers beforehand.

Game 6 – Pictionary

This game which requires players to be able to guess the intended drawing of a selected player in a short amount of time in order to win is another game that requires the real hand drawing skills and the recognition skills of a person to coincide with one another which makes this another game that cannot be played by a computer.


In conclusion, there are many different types of games that are now able to be played in the digital context and online versus a computer but there are some games involving people that cannot be replaced due to their incorporation of social and personalized attributes into the game. Know of any other games that cannot be replicated with computers? Feel free to let us know down below!!