Light Your Way to Relaxation

Sometimes you just can't find your way to a good relaxing bath.  Now there's something128670348 b2ffc47a57 to help you along--spa lights.

Waterproof lights that you stick to the bottom and sides of your bathtub or shower using small suction feet.  Or, another suggested idea is to let them float in the water while you imagine you're visiting a spa.  Wireless and easy to use, they bring the ambiance you're searching for to your own home.

For a decent price, you get a 2 pack of lights that will light up for a continuous 120 hours.  Each light has a small switch so that you can choose when you want them lighting your way...and when you want them to leave you in the dark.  Who can resist this lovely addition to their gadget collection?  Product Page UK

Product Page US


  1. Avitable 15 April, 2006 at 04:53

    Oh yeah – it would be nice to see if there was a site that offered them in the US. The link is for the UK only.

    **updated** I just added the US link for you, Avitable. Thanks for pointing that out!

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