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Online Slots Regulations Explained

As we continue to play with online slots, it makes sense that this industry will have to up the ante on the regulations that come into play when we do, and this makes sure that we are kept safe and so is the sanctity of the game and industry. 

There is however, a big debate going on at the moment as to how safe we can actually be online, and how regulated we can be too - some argue that it is simply not possible, while other people say that is it easy to do and so let us get to it. 

While both arguments for and against may be valid, online slots regulations do exist and although they can be hard to identify the reality is that they are there otherwise any body could pop up an online casino and throw some online slots up on there and ruin the industry amongst other things. 

Online slots are a really fun way to relax and unwind especially with free bonus spins, but like everything, especially that which is online, it can come with a dark side if you are not careful to protect yourself and the regulations that come with online slots. 

The difficulty around playing online slots for free 

One of the main online slots regulations involves playing online slots for free. It used to be very easy to do this, and in fact perhaps maybe too easy. But now new rules and regulations have come into play which means that in order to access free online slot games you must be able to choose that you are above a certain age or you will not get access. 

This online slots regulation has been introduced so that children will be protected in the future from online slot gaming, as we have all heard the horror stories around getting hit with a bill worth thousands because your child accidentally hacked into your phone and started playing games that may have been connected to your credit card. 

But how do you verify your age when you are playing slots, and is this alone enough to make sure that you get free access to the online slot game in question? 

How to play online slots for free in line with new regulations 

In order to now play online slots for free, it is a good idea to find out with the casino you are playing with how you play them  - but most of the time you are going to go to an online casino and now be greeted with a pop up screen which will ask you in most cases to pop your number into the form so that they can message you and verify your age that way. 

While it is a minor inconvenience, it is one that is worth it and one that does make sense, and to be fair entering your number and using your phone to verify your age is probably as simple as it gets so that you can play online slots.