Audio-Technica unveils range of pastel earbuds

Audio-Technica wants to dress you up even though your el-cheapo MP3 player doesn't deserve it, thanks to its new line of attractive, pastel-colored earbuds which were specially designed to target the female demographic. They don't look like much from afar, but upon closer inspection, you will find various designs on different colors that will definitely make it easier to mix and match with your wardrobe. I'd say these will go down handsomely with the new rainbow colored iPod nanos, and each purchase will be accompanied by its own cord-wrap to keep things neat and tidy. The ATH-CK1W, ATH-ES3W, ATH-ON3W, ATH-CK6W and ATH-CK52W will retail for $49.99, $79.99, $59.99, $79.99 and $59.99, respectively.

Source: Slashgear

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