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New Year's Resolutions That Do Not Involve a Gym Membership

Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, it is that time of the year again when the holidays are coming and going so quickly that most do not even have the time to think about some changes they want to make for the new year. Yes, it is true that it’s just another year and you are pretty much the same person, but resolutions don’t always have to be optional things like the gym or writing more. Resolutions can be for things that you need, like finding a new source of income or redoing your old kitchen that desperately needed an update ten years ago. Whether it’s making more money or becoming healthier, below you will see a nice selection of resolutions that are universal.

Finding a New Stream of Income

Many people are finding new ways of making money, and it doesn’t always have to feel like a job. Sometimes making money can feel more like a game, when it’s done right. Across the world, people are starting to get into online gambling. Finding the best live casino online can be hard, but luckily there are sites out there that will let you compare the different benefits of joining certain ones, including a sign-up bonus or even quick payouts.

Online gambling is just one of the ways you can earn a nice side income. There are many more ways, including offering your services on freelancer sites, or starting an Amazon web store. The possibilities are endless, thanks to technology.

Gaining Patience

Patience is a hard practice. The majority of people have none of it — including myself. It’s a daily task to practice patience, and no one is perfect, but the first step is mindfulness. There are many videos out there on YouTube that can be motivating, however. Most likely people will start to notice your progress, and the way you get treated may become different.

Going to New Events

If you are living in a city, there are dozens of events going on around you daily. For a lot of people these events are really intimidating — not just because of the new people but the whole idea of it may be out of your comfort zone. There are so many slogans, but my favorite is Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing, and that is what a new year is about — growing.

Have a Happy New Year!