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How Technology is Changing the Way We Drive

There have been many large and small companies all in a competitive race to create the first mass market autonomously driving cars. Tesla and Google have developed prototypes for how the technology would work but people are still nervous when it comes to not controlling a car. Many smaller companies have been developing new technology with the goal to license it out to the larger companies like Tesla, Jaguar, Google, and Porche just to name a few.

Caravan's Are Making a Comback

Many people are choosing to either travel, or live full time in their caravans. This leads to great experiences, and their are so many things you can do with your caravan. Whenever people need advice they usually look to Caravan Helper for help and advice.

Autonomous Driving

Like I said before many small companies are working day and night to create and upgrade the technology that is used in self driving cars today. Google has made a grid where the there cars use artificial intelligence to have the same awareness of a driver. The only thing that is lacking is the look of these cars. Many companies are trying to make the cars look a bit too futureistic. LeaseCar Uk has created a few of there own autonomous vehicles which you should check out.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been around for a long time. Those cars were not that attractive to people due to having to charge it and they were not that reliable. Tesla came along and created a beautiful looking car with charging stations everywhere. They have found a way to charge the car rapidly at fast charging stations. If you were to charge your car at your home it would take up to twelve hours to fully charge the car. A great job has been done with safety standards as well. Tesla has worked very hard to create an AI based sensing technology which will allow the car to take over if something happens.

Right now, Tesla has a large lead on the autonomous and electric car industry. Many companies are starting to catch up but the options are a little expensive. Jaguar has created a beautiful electric car along with Porche. The best part about those cars is the instant torque they provide. If you have a Petrol engine it has to go through the different gears to get up to speed but with an electric car you have instant torque at your disposal. There are so many videos out there of electric vehicles beating 800+ horsepower cars in drag races.

That instant torque is no joke!