Apple iPhone Bluetooth wireless headset gets dressed

Apple's ordinary looking iPhone Bluetooth wireless headset has received the maestro's touch, and in this case, the latter would be German jewelry designer Andi Monn. Andi has managed to bling up the iPhone's earpiece with a range of striking metal covers, where all you need to do is slip the form-fitting metal sleeve over the body of your headset and you're good to go. He has thrown in a specially designed magnet to keep the sleeve in place without affecting the electronics of the earpiece. Each €159 purchase will be accompanied by a leather cord that you can wear around your neck, in addition to a custom-embossed keyring for that added touch of exclusivity. You will be able to choose from .925 Sterling silver or high-grade brushed steel as the material of choice. Of course, if you have the extra dough to spare, you can always put in a discreet request to Andi Monn to use gold, platinum, white gold, or other precious metals.

Source: Technabob

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