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Finding a Second Job for the Weekends

It can be hard to pay all of your bills on one salary. Having a second job is no longer reserved for struggling single mothers. Inflation has not caught up with salaries so, many regular people are finding  second jobs, or alternative ways to make money. There are many different ways to make money whether it is playing poker or just something simple like delivering pizza.

Making Money Online

If you find yourself spending hours on end watching tv or playing video games then there is no reason that you cant take your technical, and analytical skills to the casino. Of course there is always the risk of losing money but if you pick the right games and play responsibly you could end up making a small fortune over time. There are so many success stories out there of poker players who came from nothing and are now millionaires. For the most part it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is something where you can make a few extra dollars to help with the bills.

Delivering Food

What’s great about the food industry is that you no longer have to sit inside a pizza shop all day waiting for deliveries. Now, there are services like caviar where you are basically your own boss, and you get to decide the hours you work. If you are in the city you could be busy all night and actually make a decent living. There are many people who only work Friday and Saturday night which is when the real money is made.

Driving for Uber

Uber has been a fairly controversial company but they are planning on going public this week. They invest a ton of money in the software and making things fair for their employees. Just like delivering food, uber is similar. You can choose your own hours and you will get to meet a ton of people from all different cultures. I recently read that the average uber driver who drives full time in New York City can make up to ninety thousand dollars a year. That is double what the average student just out of college makes. Many people think that college is necessary, which it is if you are going into a specialty, but if you are just going to college because everyone else is then you are making a huge financial mistake.

Overall there are many ways to make extra money on the weekends. It just depends on what interests you. A second job should not be something that you hate.