AirDry Wine Glasses

airdry.jpgIf you are a hostess to many parties or you just get particular about your stemware, the Architec AirDry will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.  Not only does it serve a purpose, but this AirDry will also make your decor clean and neat, with your beautiful stemware on display.  With high quality rubber cushions on the hooks that hold your glasses, both small stemmed and larger stemmed.  The steel look will have you wanting to start planning your next get-together so that you can show off your streak-free, spot-free glasses to your guests.

The Architec AirDry has an easy to store design, allowing you to break it down for when you're not using it.  I would bet that wouldn't happen often, though, because it certainly looks to be a nice display item.  Functional and easy to use makes the AirDry a must-have for your kitchen.  This stands at around 11.5" when fully assembled and holds up to 4 glasses.  You can find the AirDry for around $15 at sites like Broadway Panhandler.

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