Improve IT Ticket Resolution Rate Using a Ticketing Software

Most businesses today rely on the IT department for resolution of issues related to technology. However, not all companies have the resources that allow for the automation of ticket resolution. Imagine how time-consuming it can be to manually sort through emails to understand the nature of the issue. Not to mention the added hassle of having to track the progress by hand which can lead to ignoring certain crucial aspects of the problem.

A helpdesk ticketing software is a precise solution to this problem. Simply put, it automates the process of logging, tracking, and efficiently resolving tickets. The company’s IT department will be able to increase their resolution rates and meet necessary SLA’s. Here’s why the IT management system of every company should integrate a helpdesk ticketing system.

One repository for all IT related requests

A helpdesk ticketing software includes a portal where all users can log their tickets, track the status of an open issue, and later on close the ticket upon its resolution. A single repository for all IT problems is useful in removing unnecessary email correspondence getting cluttered or buried. All issues regarding IT concerns are housed under one system.

IT specialists can focus on essential tasks

Prioritising tickets is another feature of a ticketing software that can help IT professionals work in issues according to their severity. Ticket prioritisation makes it easier for IT to ensure that more important issues have higher resolution priority and less important issues are also resolved accordingly. Not only does it make the IT department’s job more effective, but it also increases their satisfaction rate.


Improve the workflow by analysing IT trends

It managers need to make sure that the team is adhering to all metrics and if possible, exceeds expectations. A help desk software also helps track metrics and create reports which will determine the performance of the team. The trends and numbers can also help IT managers reach targets and find areas to improve on.

Create usable workflows for reoccurring issues

Our helpdesk ticketing system is a useful tool in tracking commonly logged IT problems. The data on these issues can be transformed into workflows that can be quickly followed by employees. This process will help reduce redundant tickets from being logged into the system.

Auto-assigning tickets

Another disadvantage of a manual helpdesk system is that there is no automatic ticket assignment for IT technicians. Manual assignment delays the resolution time since each concern will have to be individually picked by whoever is available. A ticketing software often includes an auto-assign feature where each specific concern gets assigned to a designated technician who is an expert on resolving such matters.

Establishing better expectations

Employees usually feel frustrated while waiting for a resolution to their tech concerns. Waiting is especially frustrating for employees when there is no SLA. With our helpdesk ticketing system, you can manage expectations better. The person who logs the concern knows how long it will take to resolve the issue. By establishing expectations, IT technicians won’t have to deal with consistent follow-ups from frustrated employees.