Soon But Not Yet, Wireless Subwoofer

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Finding the perfect placement for a subwoofer when organizing your home entertainment setup can sometimes be your only headache.  Infinity has worked to alleviate this problem and allow you more strategic placement.

The PS212W needs no cable connection, only a power source.  This can help you to create that sound you want and you can avoid running a wire across the room.  Simply attach a 2.4-GHz. transmitter to the subwoofer jack in the back of the receiver and you've got the powerful sound without the annoying wires.  Jam with your 12 inch, 400-watt amplifier and save yourself some trouble.

JBL will also offer a version of this with a 300-watt, 10 inch CSS10W model.  A little more modest on price, this will offer you the same portability that you find with the Infinity choice but not make you miss out on quality.

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