Reason to try Gigatribe Ultimate: 3 Months Free

moz screenshot 2moz screenshot 3moz screenshot 4moz screenshot 5gigatribeSharing files, videos, photos, and other private digital bits with friends and family can be a real headache, but GigaTribe makes this easy when you open an account and set up a private peer-to-peer network of up to 500 people.  What's great about this service is that you get to share unlimited amount of files with people you know. All data transfers are encrypted, and only the folders you choose to share are visible to your friends. GigaTribe now has more than one million users, and growing. There is a free version, but the "Ultimate" version ($29.95/yr) gives you more functionality like unlimited simultaneous downloads, authorization levels, remote access to files, file password protection, and more.  The folks at GigaTribe, set up a special promotion for Techie Diva readers. By clicking on this link and entering the promo code P3MTDI, you get to try out GigaTribe "Ultimate" for three months free. It's a sweet deal in this economy. This promotion is only available until April 24th, so hurry up and give it a try! If you try it, leave us a comment about your experience.

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