What to Consider before Purchasing Smart Home Products

If you, like us, get very excited about the prospect of creating a smart, automated home with modern technology, you are no doubt chomping at the bit to start buying products and putting them together. While that’s great, you do need to pause for a moment. There are a few things you’ll want to consider before buying any smart home products.

The Capabilities of Your Wi-Fi

First, understand that all smart home products must connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. If it is not up to the task, you will experience problems no matter how high quality the devices might be. You need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth to support the number of devices that you’ll be using, plus your family’s other Internet devices, and that your router can support the load, as well.


Check the usability of the smart home products that you’re considering. How easy are they to use? Can you use a single smartphone app to control them? Is the app user friendly?

Your Home Setup

Most of your smart home products will be controlled by your phone or tablet. That means you will be spending more time with it close by. You’ll want to ensure that you can keep it charged easily wherever you are in your home. Buying a few spare charging cords and power blocks is a good idea.


How secure are the smart home products you’re considering? How easily could a hacker gain access to them, and then to your home’s network, and possibly your PC or Mac?


Modularity refers to the ability of one smart home product to tie in with another, creating a seamless whole. Make sure that the products you’re buying all play well together. This is particularly important today when there are so many different manufacturers on the market offering products that may or may not be usable together.

A Central Hub

Finally, consider a central hub for the entire home network. This is particularly important if you want to use voice control for your devices. Otherwise, you may find that you need to use multiple apps to control your devices, and that will get old very quickly.

With the right preparation and considerations, you can make smart decisions in regard to the smart home products that you purchase and install.