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Tips for Taking Advantage of Summer

Summer can come as a shock to some people who are not ready for the intensity of the sun and warm weather. For most people summer is their favorite time of the year. Taking advantage of the summer can come in many ways whether it is buying accessories or playing a sport that you used to be good at. Personally I love summer because I no longer have to play tennis indoors. It is a great opportunity to hang outside with the family, you can bring out the electric cars for kids or just have a lovely picnic, there are so many options.


Sunglasses are paramount when it comes to summer. Finding the right pair can be fun whether you are looking online or in a store. Most people think that designer glasses are unnecessary but they are wrong. Just like a watch its not just about the look of the glasses. Most importantly it is about the quality of the lens when it comes to combating the UV rays. If you go to a gas station and buy a cheap pair then you are doing a disservice to your eyes. Technology is advancing and now you can virtually try on a pair of sunglasses online. Some sites allow you to upload a head shot that will be photo shopped to have a pair of sunglasses on. My go to brand has always been Tom Ford. The simplicity of the glasses has always attracted me.

Go to the Beach

Going to the beach is everyone's favorite. It’s a better idea to go towards the end of the summer when the ocean has warmed up enough. There is nothing worse than walking into a freezing ocean. If you are going then it would be a good idea to pack some food and drinks because prices are usually outrageous at the beach.

Flea Markets

Summer is the time for outdoor flea markets. If you are looking for amazing deals on first or even second hand items then flea markets are worth going to. Unlike a brick and mortar store you are able to negotiate prices or even barter for a different item.

Fruit Picking

Many places offer outdoor fruit picking during the summer. My favorite part of that is picking apples. When you go to a grocery store the apples are usually covered in Vaseline to keep their shelf life longer. You just cannot beat the taste of a freshly picked apple.

Overall, summer is a great time to take advantage of things that you would not normally do during the winter.