Urban Junket Finally Gets it Right

I love buying totes, and cases to fit my laptops, but my problem is either the bag is ugly and practical or beautiful but not very protective. Great looking laptop bags seldom get it right, but I couldn't help being drawn to Urban Junket's sexy styles at Macworld because they just looked so glamorous from across the room.  I asked designer Tracy Dyer what inspired her to create such a stylish, feminine laptop bag, and she told me women she spoke to in focus groups just wanted a better looking bag for their notebooks. The bags don't offer much protection for your laptop, but they do include a special waterproof sleeve inside to keep any liquids away from your notebook. These Italian leather bags come in different styles and colors, and fit laptops up to 14-inches. They are a bit pricey, but if you catch them at Macworld, you just might be able to get a nice discount. Check out the pictures after the jump.



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