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Does ETX’s Trader Pro App Offer Online Traders Anything New? Zachary Greaves Finds Out…

As a trader on the AIM stock exchange market, I was keen to explore further options - not just stocks and shares - for building my financial portfolio. But with limited time on my hands, it was becoming a real struggle to find the information I needed to make well-informed decisions, and to be able to keep a close eye on my investments. I have had mixed experiences with trading apps before, and have always found myself going down more traditional but time-consuming trading routes. I had heard good things about ETX’s Capital Trader Pro app, and wanted to find out if this could be my answer.

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Will It Take Me Long to Learn How to Use It? Can I Trust an App with My Investments?

ETX Capital’s trader pro app impressed me with its quick and easy sign-up process. A few questions are asked about your investment history. Based on the answers you give, the app offers advice about whether or not CFD (Contract For Difference) trading is for you - useful for people like myself taking new steps into investments. Following this, a tour of the app is offered; users navigate through eight screens with a few words offering tips and information - this overview provided a great starting point.

As I started to navigate around the app, what struck me was that every aspect of its design had been carefully considered; it is sleek and intuitive. It did not take me long at all to familiarise myself with the different screens; within minutes I was up and running adding markets to my own watchlist. The app itself can be personalised in a few quick steps - the colour theme, opening screen and notifications can be all changed to ensure a quality and relevant user experience. Security is also an important and well-considered feature in this app. TouchiD is available through enabled Apple devices, and the app automatically logs out after a short period of inactivity.

The app allows quick deposit and withdrawal of funds to the account; indeed every stage of the trading process is simple and time-saving. Price alerts can be set up in just a few steps and all your account information - trade history, positions and orders - are all available in a couple of taps.

The Verdict?

As a full-time worker with limited time on my hands, there is a new sense of purpose in my daily commute as my investments are available - quite literally - at my fingertips. I have been introduced to new markets and trading options through this app and am broadening my financial horizons every day. I no longer have to juggle email and text notifications about my investments and attempt to remember a host of passwords; all I need is available in this exceptionally crafted trading app.