Skype for Mac

The first universal build of Skype for Mac was released recently.  Version now runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers, which boosts the performance of Skype.

The new version includes support for web presence, which allows you to showcase your online status146248810 e330273ad1 m on the web or in an email signature.  They claim to have more language support in other, newer releases to come.  This will expand the user base. 

I think this is a good move by Skype because I certainly hear from Mac users that they don't get the same software opportunities as other users.  That would be quite frustrating.  Visit this link to see all the new features of this version.

Some basic features of Skype:

  • Forward calls to other Skype Names or regular phones
  • Pause iTunes automatically when a call is recieved
  • Mood messages to express yourself
  • Drag and drop feature to add contacts to calls and chats
  • Support for enhanced notifications with Growl

You can also, on that page, download a widget that will allow you to look up country codes and check calling rates.

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