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Top 3 Android Phones for 2019

It is a new year and you may want to get yourself a brand new phone. Hunting for the best phone may be a bit crazy if you really don’t know what to look for. This is why we are giving you the top 3 Android phones for 2019 in this article.

The Android phones featured here all have different processor power, screen sizes, designs, ausportsbetting apps and software features.

To help find the most fitting Android phone for you, we have rounded up the best Android handsets out there today. We have also rated the phones on hardware performance and OS upgrade potential. Not forgetting how shiny and nice they are to have and boast about to work colleagues.

Top 3 Android Phones for 2019

The phones listed in this article have been rated for operating system upgrade potential, hardware performance, and the design. The following 3 phones are the best that you can buy today.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

This March 2018 release still is the best Android phone around. This phone has an incredible design. It also comes with an amazing display and great power.  Meaning that if you want to enjoy a few south african casino sites games on the go, this is the best smartphone that you can get. This 6.2-inch phone features top of the range hardware. Furthermore, it’s loaded with easy to use Android software.

In order to enhance low-light photography, the phone has a dual rear camera. In addition, there is 960fps slow-motion video recording as well as a better-located fingerprint.

To top that, the Galaxy S9 Plus has a more compact form factor at a low price point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This phone, released in August 2018, has a better battery. The screen of this phone is very huge, with a huge amount of power. There’s also the S Pen stylus which simply slides into the phone’s body.

This phone comes with a high price tag but has a huge array of productivity functions that most phones don’t even come close to.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Released in November 2018, this phone is the best to date from the Chinese manufacturer. The phone has an in-display fingerprint scanner as well as great design and performance. The phone also features a 6.39-inch screen as well as a lot of memory. Impressively, the phone also has 3 rear cameras.