Hearing Aids for the Young at Heart

Everyone is at risk of losing their hearing at any time, especially today's iPod loving fans who haven't downloaded that volume control program. If you already find yourself reading lips, cause you can't make out what people are saying, maybe it's time to push pride aside and try hearing aids. I've seen sexy hearing aids before but PCA's--Personal Communication Aids--are not your grandma's hearing aid.

Inventor Spot alerted me to these luxurious ear pieces made in Switzerland by the Phonak Group which come in many styles and colors. They're not cheap, but they're barely visible, which for some, might justify the $1500-$3500 price tag.  As far as actual sound quality, Boomer Babe says, "The Phonak designs also amplify the high-pitched sounds, like consonants and rustling paper, that are more difficult to hear -- facilitating conversation and enjoyment of the sounds of nature. The PCA's also promise to deliver more clarity, even in situations where there is considerable background noise, like concerts or conferences."

Sounds sweet, but let's hope it's too early for you to think about these things. Maybe it's time to turn the volume down, because no matter how wonderful PCA's are, nothing compares to your natural hearing. Right?


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