5 Things LDR Couples Can Do Online

Being in a long-distance relationship, or LDR, means spending more time away from your partner instead of being physically with each other. That distance can be a big hurdle to overcome, but that doesn’t mean LDRs cannot work. In fact, many couples find LDRs to be just as fun and rewarding as other forms of relationships.

An LDR is also easier to cope with now that you have the internet and other technology on your side. There are still so many things you can do together, and more moments to share, even when you are apart. These are some of the ideas you can try to do online as an LDR couple.

Watch the Same TV Show on Netflix

Sharing TV shows and movies is one of the easiest things you can do online, especially with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Videos just a couple of clicks away. You only need to agree on a movie or a TV series to watch, and the rest is easy from there.

You can even have long-distance movie nights when the two of you talk on the phone about the movie you’re watching. It may not be as intimate as having a movie night while being physically together, but that doesn’t mean it is any less fun or rewarding.

Besides, you can also do it via video chat and still see each other while watching the movie. If the delay between your TV and his is distracting, have the movie playing on one TV and share it through video chat. You can have an online date at any time with this simple activity.

Play Bingo and Online Casino Games

Another thing you can do together is to play casino games or a session of bingo. Most online casinos let you play with friends. Others are open to players from different countries, which means you can still access the same gaming platform and have fun together.

Stakers, a casino which offers a wide array of no deposit casino bonuses, makes sharing online casino games even better by offering you a no-deposit bonus to claim. You and your partner only need to create an account and claim the bonus money to start playing, all without making any deposit.

You can turn the online casino gaming into a bit of a competition. Find out who is better at roulette or blackjack and the whole online gaming night can be even more exciting. The loser must pay for a romantic dinner when the two of you meet. You can end up with both cash prizes and a fancy dinner!

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Start a Blog Together

Sharing the things that you do and exchanging stories are among the fun things of being in an LDR. Since you don’t always see each other, the stories you two tell become even more special. To take the experience further, it is also a good idea to start a blog – and an entire online presence – together.

You can take turns in posting new articles and stories to the blog. You can share Instagram photos to an account that you manage together. In fact, you can tell the same story from two different perspectives and share that story with the rest of the world.

Simple stories like waiting for him to fly home can be incredibly interesting when told from different perspectives. He can share his long journey home while you talk about how anxious you are, choosing the right dress to wear, and other details. Use Instagram Stories to keep viewers engaged.

Go on Virtual Trips

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a great technology to use when you are in a long-distance relationship. Using a VR headset, you can travel together to virtual destinations and share the experience as if you are travelling together physically, all without leaving the comfort of your living room.

The virtual tour is also a great way to plan your next holiday together. There are many interesting destinations to explore too, including popular cities, exciting tourist attractions, and museums or art galleries.

To make the experience more fun, take turns in choosing a destination to explore. You can also do virtual tours without getting into VR with the help of services like Google Maps and web-based virtual tours you can now find everywhere.

Bring It Offline

Combining online and offline experiences or activities is also an idea worth exploring. Here’s one you can try today: send him a letter and have him open it during a video call. Watching his expression as he opens (and reads) the letter is priceless.

You can then ask him to send you a letter and repeat the process all over again. Continue with gifts and surprises. Turn this into a routine that the two of you really enjoy. It is not only fun to see the smile of your partner online, but also rewarding knowing that he has a reason to smile.

It is also a good idea to send instant photos to each other. There is something about sending a physical print of your photos (and his) that makes the experience really different. Don’t forget to collect the photos, letters, and gifts you send to each other too.

Cook a Meal

This last one is a bit of a classic: cook a meal together. Take turns in deciding what to cook and follow each other’s lead when preparing the chosen dishes. Do it while on video call and you will come across some very memorable moments along the way.

Similar to playing online casino games, you can also turn this date into a challenge. Try a difficult recipe and see how the two of you do in preparing the dish. Prepare for some laughs as your partner (or you) pour the wrong sauce or burn the protein to a complete crisp.

End the night by having the meal together. It may not always be a good meal, but it will always be a special night.

As cliché as these ideas may sound, they are great things to try online when you are in a long-distance relationship. What makes them so special is the way you share exciting moments together. That is all that matters, isn’t it?