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Four Big Beauty Trends Happening Today

Whether it is surgical or non-surgical the beauty industry continues to evolve each year. The industry thrives on new products and can actually change the way women take care of themselves including their nightly routines.

Liquid Face Lifts

Liquid face lifts have started to gain popularity as it is a less invasive way to look younger. The time it takes to heal from a face lift can be daunting so many women are opting for one the liquid way. What is a liquid face lift? It is when they use a dermal filler combined with botox which gives the results of a face-lift without the procedure. It is used for reducing all of the wrinkles and sagging that comes with old age. You can get the best botox in Toronto in minutes with minimal to no discomfort in each procedure.

Charcoal Masks and Toothpaste

Charcoal masks have hit social media like a tsunami. It seemed like for a while all of the adds people would see is for the face masks and toothpaste. When activated charcoal is put on your face it binds to the dirt that is in your face and helps to get rid of it making your pores a little less visible. The only difference between charcoal masks and regular face masks is that instead of washing it off you literally have to pull it off of your face which also helps with blackheads. The toothpaste is a natural whitener and has some antibacterial properties. It’s great for heavy smokers and coffee drinkers.

Plant Based Product

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Many companies are getting rid of the harmful chemicals and are starting to use plant based ingredients in their makeup lines. Sun usually gets the blame for premature aging, but pollution is also a big factor as well. In cities with higher pollution the population tends to age a bit quicker than cleaner cities. It is unintentional but when someone is exposed to pollution the chemicals break down the skin in their face.

Beauty Wipes

Beauty wipes have been around for a long time but now they are finding different uses for them besides getting rid of makeup at the end of the day. My favorite use for them is as a deodorant. It seems interesting that this would be a thing, but it actually is. Plus, many of them have essential oils for your skin.

Overall the beauty industry changes each year and it has become a huge influence on both men and women during their daily morning and nighttime routines.