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What to Do In Vegas

Vegas is known for it’s top tier casino’s, amazing shows, and world class dining experiences. Whether you are looking for a “Shotgun Wedding” or just a nice time then Vegas is the perfect place.  They say new York is the city that never sleeps but I am pretty sure vegas is at a close second. Casino’s are open 24/7 and so are most of the restaurants. Whether you are going for your bachelor party or for a quick work convention there are a few things you should do here.

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Pamper Yourself

Las Vegas is full of spas and other skincare establishments. Many people are having botox parties there. You should look up the best place for Botox in Las Vegas. Besides for botox, if you go to any casino then most likely they have a spa. Prices are actually pretty reasonable and if you have a husband that gambles at the casino then most likely they will comp your spa day. This is a win for the both of you because you’ll get pampered while he does all of the stuff you do not want to do.

Visit the Hoover Dam

If you have ever seen Vegas Vacation than I am sure you have heard of, and seen parts of the hoover dam. Standing seven hundred and twenty six feet high the hoover dam is truly remarkable. It took twenty thousand men to build the dam and you can get a one hour tour for just thirty dollars.

The Mob Museum

If you love watching mob related movies then visiting the famous mob museum will be enjoyable. This museum created a physical timeline of organized crime around the world. The craziest thing you will see there is an old fashioned electric chair. If you are with your kids then it may be a good idea to leave them home for this part.

The Stratosphere

The stratosphere gives you a great view of the strip and if you are trying to be adventurous you can actually do the sky jump. This is the tallest building in Nevada standing at over eight hundred feet. Doing the skyjump is exhilarating and a must do if you are more of an adventurous person.

Las Vegas is not just for gambling, there are so many things there to do for entertainment. What used to be a sin city is now actually becoming family friendly.