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The Many Uses Of Our Old Friend The Curly Cord

You may be familiar with the curly cord from the old phones in your grandparents’ house. These cords were typically attached to corded landline phones, but they have not gone out of style yet. There are several applications for the curly cord listed below that you may not have thought of. Plus, you can get custom curly cords made for your next project.

Power Cords

When you are looking through a website like https://www.meridiancableassemblies.com/, you will find that there are many power cords made in the curly cord style. These cords are made with heavy jacketing, and they can provide quite a lot of power to your devices. You may purchase a custom power cord for a new device, or you could buy improved power cords for electrical devices you already own.

Telecommunications Devices

Telecommunications devices are still made with curly cords when you want the cord to be contained as much as possible. If you are trying to hide the cable or mix several different cables together, you may request the curly style. These cords will sit behind tables, fit behind desks, and slide through a hole in the wall. Plus, the cables do not dangle or flop around. You can avoid damage using these cables, and their heavy jacketing makes them safer to use in industrial situations.

You may also request special curly cords to use with radios and mobile phones that you take to a work site. You do not want your workers to trip over stray cables on your work site, and you do not want a long cable to hang from their belt when they are working.

Electric Musical Instruments

Musical instruments that use electricity often have power cord issues. You may damage a traditional extension cord because it will sit out in the open where anyone could step on it. Those cords are made with a thin rubber layer around the wires, but a curly cord uses such heavy coating that it can withstand heavy use every day. Plus, you will not need to wrangle a long cable that only travels a foot or two to your instrument. Curly cords tend to stay out of the way, but they provide the power that you need.

Anywhere You Need A Retractable Cord

If you are looking for a retractable cord solution, curly cords are a great option. The curly cord will stretch until it reaches the device you are using. However, the cord will not flop to the floor when it is unplugged. The cord naturally retracts back to its natural shape. This is a good way to keep cords out of the way, and this is also a good way to prevent tangles in multiple cords you are using around your work site.

Hand Tools

Hand tools that use curly cords are much easier to use and store. You do not want to use a long extension cord for this fragile device that is used to do delicate work. Plus, you do not want to trip over the cord, knock the device to the floor, and damage the device. When the cord retracts, it sits right next to the device that it powers.


Curly cords are still popular in the telecommunications and electrical industries. You can have a curly cord custom made for your devices right now, and that curly cord will be much easier to use. You could purchase a curly cord to power your hand tools, instruments, or telecommunications devices. Plus, you can request a curly cord when you want a wire that is far safer than the average extension cord.