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How To Find Out If A Casino Is Reliable

A lot of people like the idea of the convenience and variety of online casinos, but they are worried about the possibility of online scams.

We are not going to lie to you here and tell you there is never anything to worry about. Obviously this world continues to be a place full of con artists and the like, and you have to protect yourself. So with that in mind, here’s how you can ensure yourself a safe and secure online gaming experience:

Black Lists And Certifications:

First, go to this list of black listed online casinos. Obviously, any casino that appears on there is to be avioded like the plague. Also, on the site itself, it should have a link where you can check its certifications. Make sure you click through to the organization itself and see the other casinos it has certified, to see that it is not just a ghost organization. Here is an example of a good certification organization.

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Quality Of Software:

You want to also see what kind of software they are using, and make sure it’s not some random fly by night software. Reputable online casinos almost always use some sort of standard software engine, and then have it edited to their specifications. Here is an example of some of the top online casino software companies. Companies will also almost always list this information on their home page. If they don’t, it’s definitely a big red flag.

It is of course possible that an innovative company may be using their own custom software. If you see a particularly attractive and interesting online casino, and don’t recognize their software, talk to a human at the company and get them to explain it to you. If they can explain it to you in detail why they chose that company, they are almost certainly legit. If not, or you can’t get a human, run.

Other Important Factors:

Other things to consider when determining are: the age of the casino (one year or more of age gives a lot more confidence), the quality of the reviews it gets online (this of course means off of its own page on neutral sites), and the quality of its bonus rules (are they clear and concise?).

Are there any others we have missed? Feel free to drop us a line below if you think there are other ways to verify an online casino’s authenticity; we’d be glad to hear from you.