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New Updates to Check Out on Whatsapp for IOS

The WhatsApp app on iOS has again been updated. Present features allow Siri to read messages to users. So when you say  "Hi Siri, read my last WhatsApp messenger", this Apple digital assistant will directly monitor. If there is an unread message, it will instantly tell you how many messages you have. Siri will then read the message. When done, it will give you the option to reply to the message or leave it alone. If so, we can immediately say it. When completed, Siri will ask you if you want to send the message. You can say ok, or Send, Siri will then send directly. The existence of this ability is very helpful when you're driving. So we would know the incoming messages without holding the iPhone. The business news update makes this chat app could be a single solution for any iPhone users that are driving in a traffic jam.

Keep in mind that if you want to use this feature; the iPhone has run iOS 10.3 to the level and has activated the “Hey Siri” function. To enable it, you can press Settings> Siri. Slide the right button on the Hey Siri option. When we first use it, Siri will ask permission first to access the message in WhatsApp. Say or press Yes to give it your permission.

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Back to WhatsApp, in addition to allowing Siri to read messages, update 2.17.2 brings a number of updates. On the My Updates screen, it is now possible to select multiple statuses to be forwarded or deleted at once. The old Voice Call icon has been replaced with the "+" icon, which when pressed will display the contact list to make voice and video calls. Sounds interesting right?

Display of two-step verification interface is also redesigned, making it easier in the settings. Refresh view can also be seen in Group Info, Contact Info and Calls section that provides convenience when used. WhatsApp also now remember the last used camera settings. Finally this app now supports Persian. The development makes WhatsApp running away leaving similar apps.

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