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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Degree

As a teenager, one has to make a lot of important decisions that are going to shape the future of their life. Deciding whether or not to go to university can be one of those vital decisions that could shape a future career. University life allows you to discover your preferences, brings you closer to your future friends and is a great way of developing your mental curiosity. It also allows you to choose a career that you’ll love to focus on for the majority of your life.

Nowadays more than a quarter of adults plan to continue their studies. If you’re still wondering why, then you should consider some of the following advantages. A degree gives you the opportunity to earn more money, allows you to build a career, develops your interpersonal skills and makes you more prone to innovation and economic growth. Below you will see a few reasons on why a degree is important and how the future trends are influencing the job industry.

Future Tech Trends and How They Will Influence IT Managers

Each year all of the old and new technology companies are changing and introducing "the next big thing". Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are among the top tech trends being talked about today. When it comes to influencing IT managers, it really depends on each industry but you can see a more detailed analysis and info-graphic linked above.

Make More Money

Everyone knows that people who have a degree tend to get higher financial benefits compared to those who are non-graduates. A lot of people who are studying to get a degree are actually motivated by this aspect, and they are not wrong in doing so. At the end of the day, people should remember that money can be a stimulant that can facilitate their life. In this case, the ability to make more money comes with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills. Besides that, it is good to mention the fact that salaries can vary from a profession to another. Regardless of that, the main idea is that a degree can make a great difference to one’s future.

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Better Career Opportunities

Although this is a no-brainer, a lot more people need to remember that in order to be able to start a career path, they need to obtain a certain degree. Every student who decides to stay in school aims to get a better paying job that will provide security and safety on the long run.  These are probably some of the main aspects that motivate an individual to invest time and money in their studies. It’s also important to know that certain careers are usually only accessible by the means of a degree; these jobs include:

  • Engineering.
  • Medicine.
  • Science.
  • Law.
  • Publishing.

Therefore, if you have a career in mind, you need to check a) which degree is relevant to that field and b) whether you need one in the first place. If you want to be a lawyer, then you need a law school degree from a university that’s prestigious in that niche; if you want to be an editor for a world-renowned publishing house, then you need a degree in English Literature, Publishing or equivalent. You may also need to undergo many internships.

Higher Satisfaction with Your Work

Having some sort of degree generally leads to a better job security. Besides that, it is good to be real and understand that an employer will appreciate more people who have a degree, compared to those who don’t. Employers usually prefer hiring someone who has a higher level of education. That’s probably a crucial aspect that makes you realize how appreciated you are as a person who has a degree. On the other hand, once you start a career and you make steps toward your goal, you’ll start feeling very content about your progress so far. As a conclusion, the advantages listed above –better job security, higher income and employment benefits – are all aspects that lead to a higher job satisfaction.

To conclude, one needs to understand that by earning a degree they are opening up a lot more opportunities in life. A degree can be easily compared to an important lesson that prepares you both intellectually and socially for the future. Besides the advantages listed above, it has been proven that people who have a degree are more likely to have a happier and more content life.