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CloudLinux is Vital to Modern CPanel Webhosting: Here's How

System administrators can now manage cPanel web hosting users better. This is a major benefit of using CloudLinux.  World class web hosting providers around the globe are deploying CloudLinux across their range of cPanel web hosting servers in a bid to improve overall service to customers.  What happened to the standard setups?

cPanel hosting before CloudLinux

“Before now, it was impossible to prevent a single user from over using server resources on cPanel hosting setups” says Cloud Storage experts at  “There were no methods for enforcing a restriction. With this scenario, cybercriminals only needed to find a web site on their target server that has some sort of vulnerability.  This loophole would then be exploited in several ways to force the server to crash through the overloading of resources. CloudLinux prevents this”.

How does CloudLinux prevent resource hogging?

In the cPanel hosting environment, CloudLinux ensures that every website is contained in a separate shell. This new shell helps system administrators to set hard limits on individual websites thereby making performance of all websites on the server independent.  Some of the hard limits that can be set include disk IOPS and usable CPU power. A regular cPanel installation would be otherwise unable to facilitate this. cPanel installations are limited to account specific features like FTP accounts, MYSQL databases etc. With the virtual shell’s ability to allow a pre-determined hard limit, system admins can easily make more accurate predictions about potential server load. This will help in the retaining of adequate spare capacity.

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The virtual shell will limit the damages arising from a targeted website to just that particular website. In the event of an attack, only the particular website will be compromised as hackers will be unable to extend their reach towards other websites and the data on the cPanel hosting package.

Users will also know when it is time to upgrade to a new type of hosting as the impact of their resource hogging will be concentrated on their website instead of being distributed across the entire server. With CloudLinux, hosting companies can now ensure a fairer hosting solution where clients are guaranteed full access to resources they paid for. Users who hit the limits allocated to them through the virtual shell can then embrace higher powered hosting like VPS or dedicated server after website optimisation options have been exhausted.


CloudLinux is vital to ensuring equitable distribution of resources for web hosting companies as it ensures websites will be unable to use more than the resources allocated to them at any given time. It also serves a barrier during malicious attacks as the cybercriminals are limited within the specific website where they discovered vulnerability.

Most importantly, servers will no longer be shut down as a result of one or more websites going above their limits. CloudLinux equally allows more pinpoint planning for server load which is vital to the increase of account density. Support costs will be reduced a great deal when servers do not crash or present other issues that would be of concern to web owners.