Honda U3-X unicycle transport

asimoHonda and robotics have a close connection, and most people by now would have had heard of the ASIMO, a bi-pedal robot that is smart enough to walk, run and even climb stairs while kicking a ball back at you - extremely complex for a robot considering how it has to be programmed to maintain a delicate balance at all times. Their years of research behind the ASIMO has been put to good use with its latest release, the Honda U3-X unicycle. This compact experimental device is able to fit nicely between the rider's legs, allowing free movement in all directions just like how you are able to walk wherever you want to, be it forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally. This is made possible with but a simple lean towards the direction of your choice, and it would definitely be useful to ferry yourself around huge shopping malls on one of these without taking up the floor space of a Segway.

This is definitely one of the newer and more revolutionary personal mobility device, where what looks like a single wheel is actually made out of several smaller wheels of similar nature, making it possible to adjust speed and move, turn and stop in all directions whenever the rider leans the upper body to shift body weight. It seems to perform on sheer magic, but was actually achieved through application of advanced technologies such as Honda’s balance control technology. Apart from that, this compact size and one-wheel-drive personal mobility device was designed to be friendly to the user and people around it, where one is able to touch the ground from the footrest just in case you're about to topple over in an emergency, and having you on eye level as many other pedestrians would make interaction less awkward although we suspect folks you talk to while seated on this would be looking at the U3-X instead of your eyes.

Written by Baby Reaps


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  3. Auto Transport 30 December, 2009 at 06:40

    The segway was bad transportation design from the beginning. I’m surprised anyone even uses them. This looks like it will work and catch-on instead of becoming just another ride for mall-cops.

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