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Best Laser Etching Machines for Different Materials

The use of laser has broadened the applications of marking. Marking machine today is not only for identification. It is much more.  With laser etching machine, one can create the smallest and the most precise symbols and exquisite graphics.

However, etching is not only useful for creating masterpieces. It has become irreplaceable for many applications. And here are some benefits it is the most favored for.

  • Can etch almost any material: metal, wood, plastic, leather, glass, ceramics, paper, other organic materials
  • Non-contact, doesn’t affect the surface outside the marking area
  • Can be set to cut, engrave, anneal and provide a wide variety of effects
  • Is extremely quick and flexible, can be easily integrated into product line
  • Uses power economically and requires minimum maintenance
  • Is easy-to-operate, requires no tiresome training
  • With a wide variety of solutions, you can easily find the best for your application

To amplify this list, find out more on etching machines and their benefits for different businesses.

Laser Etching Machine Types

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Laser etching is a magnificent technology for creating clear and detailed marks on different surfaces.  The wide use of marking resulted in the development of several laser technologies. The most popular are fiber and CO2. Each type can be more or less suitable for different specific applications. The powerful fiber laser can process most metal surfaces, coloured plastic and some other materials

The powerful fiber laser can process most metal surfaces, plastics and some other materials. It can provide different marking techniques. From deep engraving to coloration or darkening, the use of various techniques results in a variety of strokes to form a sophisticated masterpiece.

The gentle CO2 laser can cater delicate materials like glass, ceramics, wood, paper, leather and other organics. For some of these materials this laser type is the only option available.

The machines for industrial use are powerful standalone devices. But there are also portable etching machines. They provide easy transportability, flexibility and easy marking on parts that are difficult to move or to reach.

Metal Etching Machine

An etching machine for metal is a necessary device for any manufacture processing this material. Automotive, electronics, medical, construction – the list of industries benefiting from laser technology can go on and on. Different types of metals are in demand for marking:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Rare metals
  • Precious metals

Marking metal is mostly done by fiber laser that provides quality and accurate marking of any complexity. Portable and handheld versions are favored for big and heavy parts which are usual with metal.

Glass Etching Machine

Products made of glass are very fragile and require special treatment.  Flat or shaped glass, matte, crystal or pressed, any type of glass surface can be beautifully marked with a gentle CO2 beam. Identification and traceability information or beautiful decorative graphics are popular for a variety of applications:

  • Drinking glasses and bottles
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Gifts and promo
  • Design items
  • Optics, etc.

Wood Etching Machine

Wood is a beloved material for handmade products. It is also in demand for toys, school supplies, furniture, design items, kitchen utensils and many more. Along with other organic materials, wood is carefully handled by CO2 machines. These solutions leave beautiful burnt marks on wood, swiftly marking codes, symbols or logos as well as high resolution graphics. For wooden gifts or artwork, these solutions can even offer 3D engraving options.

Plastic Etching Machine

Plastic is an extremely popular material today that can be used in almost any industry. Different characteristics of plastic types and thickness of the parts can set different requirements for marking of those products. Thus, both fiber and CO2 laser machines can be suitable for plastic etching. The final choice of technology here depends on the exact application and resources of the manufacturer. Check out for more plastic customization options.

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Which Laser Machine Suits Better?

CO2 or fiber, industrial or portable – the choice of the solution depends mainly on the application. The first defining point is material, but other characteristics such as size, weight, shape and material thickness are also very important. If chosen correctly, the laser etching solution will provide quality and permanent identification and outstanding finish for any product.