Fujitsu Lifebook N7010 has more than one display

Fujitsu is no stranger to small notebooks that are able to offer a pretty decent performance level, although their notebooks do not exactly come dirt cheap. The latest offering, the Lifebook N7010, is not expected to be a budget notebook since it comes with a secondary 4" touch screen located above the keyboard. Strangely enough, this secondary display is now a SideShow unit, but will double up as a secondary as and when required. This means the time is now here where you will be able to place shortcuts to your favorite programs in this touch screen, letting you access them at the touch of your finger. Also, I predict that there will be many people clamoring after this since they can view full screen videos on the much smaller 4" display while pretending to work whenever the boss walks by. Prices for the Lifebook N7010 start from $1,499 upwards and will change accordingly, depending on the system specifications selected.

Source: Engadget

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