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13 Signs Your Business is Due for a Technology Upgrade

As your business grows, you'll have to upgrade your technology to maximize output. Here are 13 signs to help you determine if your business is due for a technological upgrade:

1) Your Company Is Growing Rapidly

A company growing at a rapid rate will require a technological upgrade to match with the growth rate.

2) Your Company Is Changing Directions

Do you see your company changing its line of production? If yes, you'll need to match the new direction.

3)  Energy bills are too high

Get your recent energy bills and go through them. Are the charges skyrocketing? If they are, then it means your business requires much more energy and you'll have to pay more. To cut costs and maximise profits, adopt new technologies that require less energy to perform the same tasks.

4)You’re paying too much for your IT solutions

If you're paying third-party IT solutions companies much more than you should, you might want to upgrade your business technology.

5)  You are not GDPR-compliant

If you are still running your business on systems that do not comply with the general data protection regulations, it is best to upgrade soon.

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6)  Your applications are super slow

The speed at which your computer loads applications is crucial. If you find your applications suddenly become sluggish, you might want to upgrade your systems.

7)  Hardware are not uniform

Employees using different hardware can cause a problem in effective communication between computers. Upgrade all hardware to save time and money in the long run.

8)  It’s been ages since your last software upgrade

Getting the latest version of any software not only enhances production but also keeps your business safe from hackers. If you are running old versions of software, then doing an upgrade might be a good idea.

9)  Your computers keep crashing

Using computers paired together in an office is ideal for communication, but if your systems start crashing suddenly, you might want to upgrade to a cloud solution.

10)  You’re using 10 different systems to complete one task

Do you need to move files around different systems before getting it on the required one? This can really slow down your business. Upgrading to a central server will help to cut down the number of systems you'll need to complete a particular task.

11) You have limited storage space

Are you always running out of storage space on your computer? Then you should probably upgrade to appropriate storage technology with abundant storage space as needed.

12)  Your system was breached

How easy is it for someone - anyone - to get in and out of your system? Your business security is more important than anything else. You need to secure your system from hackers before they get hold of important files from your system.

13)  When productivity is going downhill

Do you suddenly see a plummet in your productivity with no labor related issues? Your business technology might just need an upgrade.