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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Energy Sector

There is little doubt that the energy sector is changing rapidly, growing and developing as it embraces greener, and more efficient technology. With the news that fossil fuels look set to run out in the next 50 to 100 years, scientists and researchers have been placed under immense pressure to come up with more creative, and affordable solutions in the quest to power our planet.

While it would be easy to view their pursuit as daunting, the truth is that technology is revolutionizing the way that we’re able to approach the issue of energy – and the development of the energy sector as an industry. Far from overshadowing such efforts, technology is enabling those in the know to come up with a variety of greener, and sustainable alternatives to the coal, gas, and oil that we’ve become so dependent upon. Technology’s involvement in our quest to be greener is vital.

Technology is...

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that technology has moved us on in leaps and bounds in almost every aspect of modern life; from entertainment and communication to dining and transport, nothing is hidden from the watchful gaze of technology – and it’s revolutionizing the way that we live, making things easier, and more affordable than ever.

So, how is technology playing its part in the energy sector?

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Smart meters in every home and business

The smart meter is empowering businesses and homeowners around the world and enabling them to take control of their energy usage more accurately than ever before. The data collected by each meter has become incredibly useful to analysts; calculating the amount of energy each home or business uses, the meters provide details pertaining to appliance performance, and our personal habits. Via smart meters from JSG Metering solutions the energy sector gains a real insight on spending and can begin to map trends that will dictate future energy supplies.

Wastewater biotechnology

Wastewater holds the key to sustainable, and clean energy. It’s perfectly possible to gather electricity and heat energy during the treatment of wastewater by means of biotechnology, which renders such a process far more environmentally friendly, and safer, than with the use of chemicals. It’s a growing market; there are numerous scientists and researchers currently working to develop this sustainable, and efficient source of energy. Jan Berkowitz, a veteran energy executive, is just one of the minds working on such a project. Currently spearheading the manufacturing of a complete line of wastewater equipment and commercial facilities around the world, Mr. Berkowitz has been an energy industry leader for a quarter of a century; his passion and appreciation for the technology involved is apparent.

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The renewable energy revelation

Renewable energy is certainly nothing new, but technological advancements to manufacturing processes during the last ten years have seen prices plummet; more people than ever are accessing this cleaner, more reliable, and more resilient source of energy. Solar panels have become particularly affordable, with payoffs being realized more quickly than they may have been with previous models. Developments in technology have also ensured that the methods used to capture naturally occurring energy, such as wind, geothermal heat, tidal, and sunlight have become more efficient; so much less energy is now wasted.

Improvements in appliances

There’s a lot to be said for modern appliances, which are often manufactured with the green energy sector in mind. Many of us will now purchase our appliances, such as dryers, washing machines, refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning units, and heaters based upon their energy usage and efficiency. Easily understood color codes, which accompany such products, ensure we’re more aware of the environmental impact of our consumerism. Those kinds of products wouldn’t be possible without extensive research and technological advancements, which enable us to make smart choices in every aspect of our lives.

A smarter energy grid operated by Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest technology that you’d perhaps never heard of, until now. The technology at the heart of Bitcoin and similar digital currencies, Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize energy grids and the way they’re operated and monitored. Put simply, this encrypted ledger could ensure that suppliers and government officials are able to trace and analyze renewable energy certificates – which are currently indistinguishable from their less-sustainable cousins. What’s more the energy controlled by such a grid system could be traded and used more freely, enabling a revolution without disruption to the consumer; nifty, when you come to think about it.

Streamlining existing processes and facilitating the birth of new ideas, technology has created some huge opportunities within the energy sector. And so to the future, which is looking increasingly bright for the energy industry. As scientists, researchers, and industry leaders search for increasingly green, and affordable ways for us to power our planet you can be assured that technology will continue to play its part. From the increasing popularity, and credibility of electrical vehicles and hybrid technology to bigger, and more adventurous investments in renewable energy those in the know are harnessing technology in evermore creative ways. We’re an adaptable species by nature, after all. What is clear is that we can no longer rely on fossil fuels in the way we once did; only time will tell where technology will take us next.