Tengu brightens up your desktop

If you're feeling rather bored at the office, and those USB toys that you see don't really catch your fancy, what about the Tengu?

Bright LEDs in Tengu's sleek rectangular face respond to any sound, so as well as gurning away to the music you play, this hip little square also moves its lips as you merrily type away. Tengu will even lip sync as you speak (although chatting to a USB peripheral, albeit an über-stylish one, is not something we'd recommend). To activate Tengu simply blow. You heard, blow. Then all you have to do is make some noise. Yes, we know it's all a bit strange but that's the idea. Believe us, once you witness Tengu's cute facial contortions you'll be totally mesmerized. Work? What work?

The Tengu can be yours today for £19.95  from Firebox.

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