Melt the day's stress away

stress-eraserLife is getting so hectic these days that taking a time out is almost mandatory at least once a year lest one experiences a nervous breakdown. With an unending amount of work piling up and almost no time to clear yesterday's backlog, it is no wonder that work can be a real stressful experience. Why not alleviate some of that stress with the aptly-named Stress Eraser? This device fits into your palm and comes with an LCD display which guides you through a range of breathing exercises which were specifically catered to relax your body and keep your mind clear of worry. All you need to do is synchronize your breathing pattern with the one shown on screen in order to achieve a calming effect.

When you place your finger on the pulse sensor located on top of the Stress Eraser, the device will measure your heartbeat to see if you're doing things right. Each session will be followed by a score to let you know of your progress. I don't know about you, but there are people who get excited when it comes to results which might actually raise their heartbeat (and stress levels) a notch no matter how much they follow the breathing pattern shown. firstSTREET is carrying the Stress Eraser for $299.

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