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Top 4 Factors To Consider As You Design Your Online Ads for the Coming Year

Your goal is to double your client base during the upcoming year. One of the ways you will reach out to prospective customers is creating and deploying the best online advertising possible. As you think about the appearance and the content of those ads, keep these for elements in mind. Each one will play a role in whether or not consumers give your products a second look.

Easy Scanning

The attention span of people who search for products online is not that long. You need to make an immediate impact and give them a reason to consider what you have to offer. That is done by creating an ad consumers can quickly scan and pinpoint that one piece of information they want to know.

Choosing the right mix of text, images, and other elements will vary, depending on the audience you are targeting. Learn all you can about their tastes, preferences, and what holds their attention. That information will help you get an idea of how to lay out the ad and ensure there is something they can focus on before they migrate to another ad.

The Attention Factor

Attention in the advertising world has to do with the ability of an ad to capture positive attention and motivate the consumer to choose your product over the products offered by your competition. In order to use attention advertising effectively, try to put yourself in the position of the consumer. The hook you use to grab attention is important, but there must also be something else that holds attention and ultimately leads to the sale. Once you identify the one piece of information that the consumer spots immediately, back it up with a couple more facts that keep the reader from losing interest.

Scaled for Mobile Advertising

The days of designing ads for desktops and laptops alone are over. Mobile searches and purchases have increased significantly over the last several years, and the trend is only going to continue. Your goal is to design ads that are attractive, informative, and scaled properly for the smaller smartphone and tablet screens.

The good news is that creating ads specifically for AcuityAds digital mobile advertising is not that difficult. Most of the elements you include in your other online advertising will fit nicely. You will need to prioritize and rearrange that information. Once you have what seems to be a great ad, check to see how well it displays on the more popular smartphone screen sizes. If what you see is attractive and easy to ready, you have a winner.

Information the Consumer Can Use

What makes a consumer immediately think they need your product? Draw on the results of field tests and marketing samples to find out. That’s the information you want to include in the ad. Doing so boosts the chances of drawing attention, generating a positive view of your brand, and ultimately leading to a sale. Save the other information for your website and social media pages.

If you don’t have a few ads ready to deploy for the New Year, get started now. With the help of a professional, you can design a campaign that serves you well throughout the next 12 months.