samsung sph w7100

Samsung SPH-W7100 phone has safety features

Samsung Electronics has plans to roll out a new cell phone in the form of the SPH-W7100 that will tout safety features such as a ring-activated alarm. This will be the first model from Samsung that features the SOS function that relies on a ring instead of a button for ease-of-use, and will be marketed towards women and children so that their men can come rescue them in times of distress. There is nothing quite like a banshee-screaming alarm that is effective within a five-meter radius to attract attention during an emergency, whilst sending an SMS and location information (will it use GPS?) to pre-programmed numbers which are dialed automatically. Hopefully this function won't be accidentally pressed and can be deactivated with ease lest you embroil yourself in a social faux pas with clumsy fingers.


Source: Textually

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